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Rikki-Lee Ibbotson 
Designer and Founder of Areli By Rikki-Lee
Fashion Blogger - Backstage with Areli


I am a wife, mother of three, coffee loving and musically influenced Fashion Designer, that has a strong passion, for Ethical Australian Fashion. 

Since launching my Luxe Sports Wear label, Areli, in 2013, I have set a high standard of work and ethics, that is attached to my brand. What started as a dream and hobby, soon turned into reality, as I handcrafted my first trial pieces. 

All garments in the Areli fashion line, are personally designed, cut, sewn and labelled in Australia, in my humble home studio. A unique touch, that I feel sets Areli apart from other labels. Attention to detail and quality in every aspect of my process, is the utmost priority, and something I pride myself on. 

Stretch fabrics are my speciality, and I love nothing more than to experiment with my techniques and abilities, to bring affordable, unique and quality Sports Wear, to my customer. All fabrics are sourced locally, to ensure the quality is paramount, and that I am supporting the Australian Textile Industry. Exclusivity is the essence of the Areli label. Each collection/release are limited edition, which not only makes the consumer feel special, but also keeps my label on-trend, by consistently evolving and offering new and exciting pieces. 

My interest and fascination with fashion consumes my creative mind, so when I am not sewing my next collection, I am blogging about a variety of fashion genre's. My blog (affectionately named 'Backstage with Areli'), also features influential people in the Fashion industry, whom discuss different areas of the industry with me. I have always loved and been a creative writer, so blogging and sharing my thoughts and ideas is something I authentically enjoy, and hope that you draw inspiration from too.

I plan to grow my team here at Areli, organically, ethically and honestly. With growth, comes opportunity. Thank you for your visiting my creative corner. I hope you love what you see! 

For collaboration enquiries or Guest Features on my Blog, please get in touch with me via the CONTACT section of this website.


*For Press/Media enquiries, please contact Alyce Thew, Publicist, from Uptown Publicity - see contact details below.




"ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE APPLE FRUIT TINGLES!!! The colour of them in photos just doesn't do them justice. These tights are the best thing, soooo comfortable, light weight just amazing. Thank you for creating these!" - Lauren Neill


"Morning backyard workout in my Fruit Tingles; been trialling these for a few months now and they are seriously the comfiest tights, no riding up, no falling down, Areli By Rikki-Lee job well done!" - Jodie Ellis


"I just wanted to let you know that I am a Lorna girl through and through and I don't wear tights...But OMG I am super happy with my little purchase from you! The Colour 100%, the fit 100% and the comfort 100%. Congratulations on a great design! I got them all dirty working out and I can't wait to wash them and put them back on!" - Sheila Daly


"They fit perfectly. You were the topic at the gym today! That's when I seen the pink ones and instantly fell in love. I love the fact that they are high cut and keep everything in. So perfect for pilates as well. Now to get shoes and tops to match!" - Lisa Limpus


"#lovemyareli - My Areli competition bikinis are the most beautifully made bikinis EVER! The fit was perfect the connectors were beautiful quality. They are hand beaded so attention to detail was amazing! Rikki is so helpful and completely went the extra mile for me so I could have exactly what I wanted." – Kershur Mills


“My Areli wear is always my go to outfits no matter if I'm going for a run, doing a weight session or a high intensity attack or combat class. Areli moves with you so it's not leaving you "re-arranging" your clothing whilst exercising which also makes these colourful and unique pieces the most comfortable fitness wear I own” – Tash Peckett


“I can't recommend Areli gym wear enough, it is the most comfortable, supportive and great quality gym clothes I have ever worn. Not to mention all of the funky styles and bright colours that have been released. Since I purchased my first piece of Areli, I have not bought any other brand. I can't fault them and will continue to buy Areli over anything else. I also like supporting small and upcoming businesses.” – Shaye McGuckin


“I wore my lovely top this morning to work. I taught RPM and Cxworx and it was just fantastic!
So breathable - very comfortable. I didn't have to adjust it in any way and the fabric was just lovely and soft. I had so many people comment on it. Love the in-built crop, just love the whole thing! Amazing work darling! I can't wait to purchase every other colour!!” – 
Katie Langton


“I have found Areli fitness wear to be one of the best lines of clothing to train in. Both crops and tops are comfortable and breathable which allows me to train for sometimes up to 3 hours with no chafing or discomfort. As an added bonus, I personally know founder and owner of Areli, Rikki lee Ibbotson. She has creative spirit and attention to detail. She is passionate about her work and when you buy Areli, you are buying quality.” – Emma Genninges


“Purchasing Activewear can be such a challenge with so many brands failing when it comes to comfort and affordability.  I am very happy to now exclusively have Areli by Rikki-Lee in my wardrobe, and wear my various collections proudly!” – Sunita Butler


“I have always had trouble finding tights that fit they are either too big in the legs or too tight at the top. Now I have Areli 3/4 tights and they are by far the best tights I have owned! So comfortable and no slipping down. I have also just purchased the new release purple Panel Back and have fallen in love. The fit with the in-built bra is amazing!!! And I absolutely love the colour, not to mention it goes so well with my Areli cap” – Sammy-Jo McGown


"The Areli that I have been very lucky to purchase is nothing short of amazing. It not only looks great but fits like it was made just for me. It is very versatile gym wear that I wore throughout my whole pregnancy very comfortably. I recommend Areli definitely with a rating of 10/10" - Jazz Robson


"I first came across Areli by Rikki-lee when I was preparing for my first Bikini diva INBA competition. I had looked everywhere for a competition bikini but could not find the right one. I asked Rikki if she would consider designing and making my bikini. Areli by Rikki-lee created my dream bikini, everything from the colour of the material to the crystals were perfect. I fell in love as soon as I saw the design. My Areli by Rikki-lee bikini was a stand out on stage I had so many people including judges compliment on it. Since then I had purchased a few outfits from the Areli by Rikki-lee gym collection. I am extremely happy with all of my Areli purchases and would recommend anyone that is looking for a unique well designed bikini or fitness outfit to contact Areli by Rikki-lee.

You will not be disappointed." - Kia-Anne Garthwaite


"I was going in my first Bikini and Fitness competition in 2014. I'm a VERY picky person! I'm a lover for brands and one off designer brands. Now a days, it is that hard to find a bikini that 6 other people wouldn't have the same  on stage, or if anything the exact same make just a different colour. I was chatting to Rikki from Areli and she mentioned she could make my bikinis for me! I was so excited as she was willing to make them how ever I'd like them. She personaly went through all colours, connectors, jewels, down to even how many or what diamonties I'd like on them and where. She completely measured me out and also did touch ups at no extra cost! The love and passion she has in designing them and making sure they are perfect in every way possible is amazing! I am so in love with both my designs, also more amazed at the personal touch added to the designs and being able to talk to a person rather than just a computer. Everyone asked me where I got them and how incredible they looked! I also got comments backstage from the judges about them! I will definitely be going back to Areli for all my Competition Bikinis! You get so much more than you pay for! With so many girls competing now a days you NEED to stand out of the crowd and what better than to look amazing in your own stand out costume! You'd hate to be wearing the same as the girl next to you. By far my favourite part of competing - MY BIKINIS ♡" - Megan Braniff


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