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Wardrobe Royalty!

Let’s talk loyalty!

We all have people, and things in our lives that we consider loyal. Friends, family, pets; but have you ever considered, one of your very loyal possessions, exists in your wardrobe?

It is what I like to call “Wardrobe Royalty”. Something we all have, something we all need, and something that is perfect for almost all occasions. Have you guessed yet?


A timeless staple that can be worn and reworked in so many different ways! I want you to think about what Denim pieces you currently own. I could almost guarantee, that there would be more than one! Why? Because it NEVER goes out of style! One of the best investments!


Throughout the era’s, there have been fashionable ways to work it, in Denim. There were 60’s and 70’s flares, the 80’s ripped and coloured jean sensation (often with patches sewn-on – I know I totally rocked those as an 80’s child), the 90’s hipster bootleg cut and Gangsta baggy jeans, and the 00’s have seen the skinny-leg phenomenon, bringing back highwaisted cuts, and the extreme ripped look! Ladies have been rocking their ‘old faithfuls’ for decades! It’s fascinating! Be inspired by the trends in these era’s, as they all make a comeback eventually!

Now days, there is so much denim variety! Skirts, Shorts, Button up shirts, Vests, Blouses, Shoes, Hats.. the list is endless! The amazing and exciting thing about this, is everyone can express their own individual style, by adding denim to their outfit! There are no rules! You simply cannot go wrong when you stay authentic to your own vibe and style. Double Denim was once a ‘danger zone’, not anymore! When done right, you can pull off an effortless, chic and swaggin’ get-up!

I love to dress denim up and down. Dressing up jeans with a pair of heels and an off-the-shoulder blouse, would be one of my go-to outfits for a lunch date/BBQ. If you want a change of pace that is more street style, try adding a tucked in, basic tee and comfy slip-on canvas shoes. So versatile!

Getting the best, on-trend denim look, doesn’t have to cost a small fortune either! Go through your wardrobe and find those Denim items that are too big for you now, or the ones you were going to throw out, and take a pair of scissors to them! It is so much fun creating your own denim masterpiece! By cutting small, or large holes in your denim, it will allow it to fray, giving it a more edgy/modern appearance. You will be giving your clothes a new lease of life! If you don’t have jeans/shorts/skirts to spare, why not head into your local OP shop, and purchase a pre-loved pair, that you can turn into your own! Budget fashion at it’s absolute best!

Be loyal to your Denim! Wear the shit out of it! Denim will always be your ‘old faithful’, through the years, and through every age, when you need it most. Appreciate its fashionable value, get creative and own it!

Rikki-Lee xoxo

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