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Eco-Fashion - Saving the Environment, one outift at a time!

I first discovered my next guest, whilst she was doing a ‘What’s hot this Spring’ segment on The Today Show. I was vacuuming my lounge area, and the style tips that were being given, caught my eye, because they were style tips I would give! I immediately stopped what I was doing (Fashion is always a good excuse right!?!) to pay closer attention.

When my guest’s name appeared on the T.V screen, I found her website online and did some research! Aha! I knew she looked familiar! Not only was she a trend setting, Fashion Ambassador for the Salvos, she is also a very Environmentally conscious female, who is a former host of the Television show, Totally Wild! Her philosophy and passion for both the Environment and Fashion is truly inspiring. I couldn’t wait to learn more about how to make smarter and eco-friendly fashion choices by speaking to the Salvos Store Eco-Stylist herself!

Welcome Backstage, Faye De Lanty!

1. Tell us about your experience, as a host on Totally Wild?

Oh my goodness there isn’t enough paper here to break that down, honestly I could fill a book! Ten years of incredible experiences and wonderful opportunities. Totally Wild taught me the full spectrum of storytelling, how to find common ground with all walks of life, the art of conversation and forever connected me to mother earth. I am eternally grateful for the absolute blessing this job was.

2. Have you always been passionate about the Environment?

Yes as long as I can remember. I started Totally Wild when I was 15, and already had a big love for it. Plus I grew up with parents who were very conscious about our environment, so it’s safe to say it got in by osmosis.

3. In your opinion, how does the Fashion Industry impact the Environment?

Fashion is the second most toxic industry in the world, second only to oil. That’s due largely to the insane amount of energy, chemicals, water and man power it takes to make a single pair of jeans and a t-shirt….just as a start!

4. When did you develop your passion for upcycling pre-loved garments?

My Mumma has taught me so much about this. I grew up watching her do it and starting doing it myself as soon I could. It’s so much fun!

5. How would you describe your current wardrobe style?

Minimal with a bohemian twist

I love classic pieces like denim, white tees, khaki, black and neutrals but then I’ll add in things like vintage Navajo turquoise or a vintage Van Halen t-shirt.

6. What impact do you hope your work will have, on the Australian Fashion Industry?

I truly hope that I can play a part in shifting the perception of sustainable fashion

I think a lot of people still feel that eco friendly can’t be fashion forward, that if you want to be sustainable then you have to sacrifice style.

So not true!

I also hope that I can help consumers make more mindful choices and ask more questions of the brands they buy!

7. What are your top tips for successful thrift shopping?

Oh I have so many!! See below for my top 10!

Top 10 Op Shopping Tips

With Salvos Stores Eco Stylist Faye De Lanty

  1. Educate yourself – Be hungry for Knowledge. Read Fashion magazines, look at style websites, research brands, check out the trends, understand cut, color, fabric and form. The more you know the better you can op shop

  2. Be prepared – go shopping with an idea in mind to avoid that overwhelming feeling.

  3. Follow the fashion fundamentals – seek out and stick to the classics. Timeless pieces like a great pair of jeans, a white tee, a little black dress, a trench coat. Op shops are filled with great versions of these and once you have them you can build and play with the trends from there.

  4. DIY and customize – You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for ripped jeans or a bejeweled clutch when you can make it yourself. Surf the world wide web for inspiration.

  5. Dress for it – wear something that’s really easy to change in and out of or try fitted clothing that you can try things on the top of.

  6. Shop the Store – don’t just look in your section. Half my wardrobe is from the Mens section. Try it on, you never know.

  7. Know your body and know your style. Don’t be a slave to the trends, only buy what feels great and flatters you, do it your way.

  8. Become friends with your regular op shops, get to know when they receive new donations.

  9. Set a good tailor on speed dial. Maybe the Chanel jacket you found has boxy shoulder pads, but if you have it altered it will still be so much cheaper than the original price tag.

  10. Take a tool kit – Snacks, water, a tape measure, inspiration pics, a wish list. It will make things much more efficient and enjoyable.

To learn more about Faye’s take on Fashion, head to, and read her Blog! I guarantee, you too will be inspired to think outside the box, and create your own style, by being creative and savvy!

Instagram: @fayedelanty

Rikki-Lee xoxo

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