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Fashion Hoarders - I salute you!

Have you ever been told, that you need to clean out your wardrobe and get rid of some of your clothes?

Do you spring clean your closet but end up keeping the majority of its contents?


Some days I feel super strong and tell myself that I am going to go into this task with a ruthless demeanor, but my curiosity about future outfit choices, almost always makes me keep everything!

I have arrived at the conclusion, that this is a GOOD thing! A talent if you will. You see, as we discussed in the article about Denim (see previous Blog posts), fashion trends come and go, but they usually appear again in a re-invented way.

I am going to give FULL credit where credit is due. I love to keep timeless pieces in my wardrobe (statement dresses, jeans, jackets, belts, shoes), and as mentioned, I struggle to throw things out. This is mainly due to the fact, that my Mama did the same thing. But do you know what? The things she kept, from what I wore as a child, MY children now wear! Is that crazy or what!? Vintage items have always been on trend, but to think the vintage pieces that your children are wearing, were once your own, is a fantastic phenomenon.

I wore this playsuit to my 6th Birthday Party (24 years ago!!)

Denim and white tassle shirt was handmade by my Nanna for me to wear whilst singing on stage

This denim jacket was a staple during winter in the west as a child

My Mama also kept various dresses that she wore as a late teen, that in recent years, she has given to me. I enjoy getting that re-invented wear out of them, and even more so, knowing that my Mother wore them at significant times in her life.

My mother wore this black dress as an 18 year old to her Father's funeral - very sentimental!

I adore this red midi dress my mother wore to a Ball when she was 18 years old!

So of course, it would be unrealistic to keep absolutely everything we have ever owned (although if it was a challenge, I would totally accept!). But items to consider keeping, would be staples such as; Denim jackets, Jeans, Black dresses, Mid-length dresses (just below the knee – such a classic length and will always re-appear throughout the era’s), Leather garments, Tailored pieces (high waisted pants, pencil skirts etc) Chunky belts and boots to name but a few.

I purchased this leopard print coat to wear to my 16th Birthday party (14 years ago!!)! It is still as good as the day I bought it!

This statement belt belonged to my Nanna! She gave it to me when I was 15 and I have taken very good care of it! This is pure vintage!

The beauty about a staple garment, is just that… it’s a staple! You can mix and match staples with what you own that is currently ‘trending’ in the fashion world. Not to mention, that feeling of exclusivity, wearing an item that was purchased years before! Vintage is timeless, and you will always have a story to tell when someone says “Where did you get that!?”.

I urge you to go through your wardrobe with an open mind. Just because some pieces may not be in fashion anymore, does not mean you can’t rework it, to make it on trend! Think of all the possibilities and the satisfaction your future self will have! There is nothing worse than hindsight, and wishing you had of kept something that you didn’t.

Rikki-Lee xoxo

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