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2016 - The Year that was...

Wow! What a year! So many personal highs and lows, and so many professional ones also!

The beginning of 2016, saw the Fruit Tingle craze go wild! Who would’ve thought, that pastel coloured Leggings would be so damn popular? Not me!! But I am so thankful I trusted my sense of style (and gut), and took the plunge! Still, 1 year later, the demand for the Fruit Tingles is high!

Whilst working on the Fruit Tingles, I also was designing Theme Wear and Bikini’s for Fitness athletes to wear on stage for the Season A shows! And what little showstoppers they were, coming away with trophies in hands!

After feeling like I needed to put that collection on hiatus, to focus on other designs, I created ‘The Winter Collection 2016’. This was my first release of full length Leggings (in four different styles), and slick, low-cut singlets. This had a phenomenal response! I followed up with ‘Lil Cool Leggings’, so the mini’s in our lives could match! I absolutely loved seeing the photos flood through of your #twinning moments! Totally my thing!

Before I knew it, Season B Bikini season had rolled around!! I made a handful of Bikini’s and Theme Wear for local athletes. Each Theme Wear was a new and exciting challenge! It is so exhilarating seeing your clients ideas come to life!! Lots of time and attention to detail is required for this task, and this is why I pride myself on ‘Exclusivity’ in all aspects of my work.

After Season B was underway, I had an ‘impromptu’ release of the Monochrome full length Go-Go Leggings! These are incredibly comfortable and match everything!!! We used these for a collaboration photoshoot with another local Label and Photographer. It’s amazing when you have the opportunity to showcase your work alongside other professionals.

In September, the birth of ‘Backstage with Areli’ was upon us! My hugely anticipated Fashion Blog, that has been a longgggggg time coming! I love all things about Fashion, and how it makes me feel! My aim, by blogging, was to get backstage insight, into style, and how the Fashion Industry operates, not only from my perspective, but from influential icons also. I have had the privilege of interviewing style icons such as Beck Stevens (Sydney Stylist), Faye De Lanty (Salvos Ambassador), Erin Bouda (The Today Show) and a few more celebrities that will be published on the blog in 2017! I find blogging therapeutic, and hope that my readers are inspired by myself and my guests, and discover new-found confidence in their bodies and wardrobe choices.

As 2016 drew to an end, I thought I would end it with a BANG and bring back, by popular demand, more FRUIT TINGLES!!! To my surprise, they all SOLD OUT within 24 hours!! You guys are a little cray cray for Tingles…. And I love it!

What does 2017 hold for Areli???? Well, that’s another story for another day. But let me assure you, I am going BIGGER and BETTER than before! I am putting my heart and money on the line, to bring to you, new era Areli!!! Stay Tuned!!!!

Rikki-Lee xoxo

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