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Funny, talented..but a little 'Sketchy'

Ok, I wanted to kick start 2017’s Guest Blog post off with a Bang!

When you think of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, what comes to mind? Freddie Mercury rocking out? OR, three babes sitting in a car, lip syncing to the song, with killer moves to boot? Well, this is where it all began for the comedy girl group, SketchSHE!

The trio sky rocketed into the stratosphere with their Sketch show, after several of their video’s that were posted to YouTube, went absolutely viral! All three girls have professional backgrounds in TV Hosting, Producing, Acting and Modelling. They are funny as all hell, shameless and have a wicked sense of humour. Although, what I love about the group’s vibe, is their ability to pull off every fashion genre and faux pas, to suit the theme of their skit. Their continual costume changes have me in stitches every time! If you’re looking for a good laugh, by good looking Aussie chicks, you need to head to their website (!

I had a chat with the girls, from SketchSHE, about their rise to fame, their experiences, their costumes and to find out what’s next for the group!

Welcome Backstage, SketchSHE!

You girls have been on a wild ride!! Tell us how it all began?

I (Lana) met Shae when we were doing a promo job in Sydney for the opening of Topshop. Our days consisted of riding around on bikes giving out store vouchers, getting sore bottoms and earning pretty much next to nothing. Nonetheless, we found that we had a similar sense of humour and shared a love for comedy, there being a void in female comedy at that time. So we started shooting sketches on weekends, roping in as many friends and extras as possible and ultimately put together the beginning of a sketch show. Mads joined us during this process and soon the brand, SketchSHE, was born!

My kids watch your Queen, Red Nose Day tribute over and over again. That must have been an amazing cause to be a part of! How did you get involved in that?

One of the most amazing things after having two viral videos is the access to multiple individuals, foundations and businesses that were interested in collaborating! (We have to admit, though, our flooded inbox was a little overwhelming at first!) It was the Red Nose foundation that reached out to us, after that we started brainstorming some ideas and eventually decided on performing to Queen in Luna Park! It’s a great feeling that by making something for our fans to enjoy, we were ALSO able to help disadvantaged kids. As for the little surprise at the end of that video, THAT was thought up on the day! ;)

We have seen you on some pretty HUGE Talk Shows in Australia and the US, including The Ellen Show, Good Morning America, Sunrise etc. What were the highlights of these appearances?

Every talk show is an absolute rush. The adrenalin that pumps through your body before going live never subsides, no matter how many times you do it! Not many people know this but our very first EVER interview as SketchShe was on Ellen Degeneres. Talk about setting the bar, right!? That interview gave us ALL butterflies. Our favourite highlight, however, would have to be our feature on Good Morning America. The producers literally shut down the whole of Time Square to set up a car for us to perform to three songs over the course of the hour! For Madison and Lana it was their first time to New York so you can imagine how surreal it was!

You are constantly changing your outfits and looks, to suit the sketch you are performing. Who is the wardrobe coordinator?

We all have a say when it comes to outfits and looks, I think in every girl (and guy!) there is a love for costuming! We all have our own style though which really works in a group of three!

What style or genre of Fashion do you love dressing in most?

Oh, we would have to say the 80s! We did a lip sync to ‘Cant Touch This’ – the shoulder pads paired with the hammer pants were ridiculous! We also love the dramatic make-up and hair styles of the 80s, eg Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Blondie – always a lot of fun!

Who is your most favourite Celebrity that you have collaborated with or met?

That’s tough! We have been very fortunate enough to meet Richard Branson, Ellen, Guy Sebastian and also YouTubers such as Lily Singh, The Racka Racka and Troye Sivan. Our favourite collaboration would probably have to be when we joined forces with a CREW of talented people in our four part musical, Traffic Jam! Not only did we have Youtube star, Jayden Rodrigues, we had a wide range of very talented actors, dancers and singers all from Sydney!

What is next for SketchShe?

At the moment here in Australia, we are writing and hosting a 6 week Facebook live series sponsored by Vodka Cruiser! The three of us talk about a variety of topics, including dating, food, travel and summer! In the long term, we hope to have our own talk show and maybe even start releasing some merchandise! Stay tuned! ;)

LOVE it!! Check these girls out on Instagram @sketchshe

Rikki-Lee xoxo

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