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New Era Squad Collection

The Areli New Era Squad Collection!!

Oh me oh my! What a rollercoaster ride it has been, to get this new collection finally revealed!!

For those of you that don’t know, I wear all the hats in my business. That means I am, Designer, supplies orderer, fabric cutter, sewer, labeler and printer! You could say it gets a little cray cray! I have been so proud this far, with all of my collections, which thanks to the support from all of YOU, have been quite successful. However, this New Era Squad collection, has got me squealing with excitement!

It all started with a vision, of being in complete control, of what prints I wanted to see, made into garments. I hadn't really dabbled in many prints, as I never 'loved' the off-the-rack printed fabric. I am a control freak when it comes to fabric quality, I am fussy when it comes to fabric feel, and I am particular with what prints I like. So that left me only one option…. Create my own fabric!!

After many many many months, researching the best fabric printers in Australia, I then went on a quest, to source prints that I loved! After hours upon hours, searching thousands of images (which in the end, all end up blending and looking the same.. hello brain fog!!), I found my top fav’s. Of course, no decision is 100% complete, until I get the feedback from my family and close friends!! The sleepless nights, the first (and second and third) drafts of the design, and the overall vision I had, was something I found myself constantly thinking about! I don't like to settle, for anything less than what I have planned in my head, and on paper!

Now enter my little Graphic Designer Angel Indee-Annah (from IndeeVisual Designs!). This amazingly talented Biz Mama, essentially was the piece I needed, to make my vision come to life. She waved her magical wand, at my beck and call, and turned my prints, into images that could now be printed onto fabric!!! Such a patient woman, dealing with my crazy dimensions and timeframes.

My heavy as f$#k fabric rolls arrive, printed top to toe in MY choices!! That feeling of ‘it’s finally here’ definetly set in. Let me tell you, I was pretty quick in making up my samples to see the final product!! My heart was pumping!!

At the Photoshoot over the weekend, I said to the girls, this is like my dream coming true. I had this vision, now it has become my reality! Physically hand making unique comfortable clothing, that looks very attractive, catches the eye, and makes you feel confident, is the epitome of my career.

This isn’t to say, I never endured any hurdles along the way, with this new collection, because I did. But a creative mind, always has tricks up their sleeve. So moving forward, my challenges, were in fact a blessing!

I hope you love this new collection, and now that you have a bit of insight into the passion that drives my Label, I hope you appreciate the work of art that it is!!

Rikki-Lee xoxo

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