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Autumn Sunrise!

It's that time of year again! EASTER!! For some, they use this time to celebrate religious beliefs, for others, it is a time to celebrate family being together (and consuming copious amounts of chocolate). Whatever Easter means to you, I hope you have had a wonderful time!

It's an exciting time for my label Areli! The buzz around all upcoming projects gives me goosebumps! The announcement of ARELI SWIM was very well received, with many people (including myself) were saying "Well its about time!". It's actually quite ironic though, when I make myself a new holiday swimsuit, I put next to no thought into it, it kind of just comes together. But when designing the Autumn Sunrise Collection for you all, I had many sleepless nights, numerous versions of designs made and then discarded! I had many "words" with myself and then decided to strip it down, and go back and design them, as if they were just for me. I am so happy with the final sample outcomes, and it seems you guys are too!

Yes highwaist bottoms were the theme! Although this style of bottoms doesn't suit absolutely everyone, I wanted to exclusively release these, to encourage women, who ordinarily wouldn't feel comfortable in a bikini, to give it a go! And this time around, I wanted to use my own curvy body, to showcase what the designs look like on! I feel it is difficult to imagine yourself in something as vulnerable as a bikini, when it is being worn by a woman that does not a) Have your body shape b) You are not inspired by their look c) Don't show any flaws. So I am hoping you can imagine yourself in an Areli Swim Design and know that you will ROCK IT!

I am going to do something a little differently with the release of this collection! Because I suspect women will want to mix and match designs and sizes, I am going to upload them onto my SHOP section of the website, and from there, you can purchase the tops and bottoms that you like, and I will essentially "make to order". So there may be a 1-2 week overlap from purchase to when you receive it. This way ensures that I am using my fabrics wisely, and ensures that you are getting the sizes that you need! Sound ok?? This is a limited edition release only, so I really want everyone to have the opportunity to purchase the ones they love before they are all gone!

I will announce my official release date after this long weekend!!

I hope you have loved all the sneak peeks!! If this time around, you have not found that perfect Bikini, I hope you will hang in there until my Spring/Summer release!! I have so many plans for this aspect of my label, and the next season collection will have more variety and styles!!

And whilst on the topic of upcoming collections, you DO NOT want to miss my Winter launch of Active Wear! Without giving too much away, I am very excited! New fabrics, New designs, MATCHING KIDS RANGE and a whole Women's Movement will be surrounding my collection! I will be giving you, Women to look up too! It seems young girls (and women) are looking to aesthetic and material things as inspiration, and that shift just doesn't sit right with me, as a mother to girls, but also, as a woman who does not find things like being obsessed with body weight % inspiring. My label is not just about Activewear/Swimwear, it is about being a real woman, embracing YOU and learning to love yourself (curves/bumps/flaws and all). I want to give you REAL INSPIRING WOMEN who actually achieve life changing things in their day-to-day job! They are strong not only physically, but mentally and emotionally! Oh I could go on and on, but I must leave some things to the imagination for now! :)

Until next time,

Rikki-Lee xoxo

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